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In a country like India, which grapples with a serious shortage of power, Gujarat has been a shining light. Gujarat is one of India’s few surplus power states, where even the villages are generally free from the problem of power cuts. How did Gujarat manage to do it? At ANP Solar, a leading provider of home solar system installation services in Gujarat and India, we have no hesitation in crediting one man with this massive transformation – our honorable Prime Minister.

In 2002, the power sector in the Gujarat was in a critical situation. The Gujarat Electricity Board was struggling badly to provide power to the people of the state. The Gujarat government, under his leadership first went about tackling the problem of power theft on a war footing. Once the leakage of power was stopped, the next step was to increase the power generation. A major reform in the electrical sector called as Jyotigram Yojna was launched.

Jyotigram Yojna aimed to address the serious deficiency in power in Gujarati villages and high-density areas in cities and towns. All villages in the state were electrified and the power deficiency was brought down significantly. The Jyotigram Yojna is critical for the socio-economic development of rural areas in Gujarat. Countless households in villages have been transformed because of it.

ANP Solar is the Best solar company in Ahmedabad, Baroda & Surat. ANP Solar will work with the Gujarat government officials for all documentation and application to get a solar subsidy for you for installing solar power system at your property. We have very streamlined process developed by our customer care team which guarantees that your solar subsidy is proceeded as quickly as possible and smoothly. Gujarat government has taken a significant measure taken by the Gujarat government was the focus on Solar Power or Urja Shakti. The Gujarat government has made an unrelenting effort to increase renewable energy production through massive investment in solar energy and wind energy.

The Gujarat Solar Park at Charanka, a village in Northern Gujarat, is the biggest of its kind in Asia. The government has also encouraged ordinary villagers and people living in cities and towns to benefit from solar power by providing a range of subsidies and incentives for them to install solar PV systems on their rooftops.

Gujarat now produces 66% of India’s solar power. There is no sight more common in the state than that of a solar panel on the rooftops of homes, offices, and buildings. Almost every household in Gujarat has installed a solar PV system or wants to install one.

ANP Solar is one company that has been a part of the solar revolution in Gujarat from the very start, and our commitment to make Gujarat self-sufficient in solar energy remains as strong as ever.

Best solar company in Ahmedabad, Baroda & Surat


India’s power situation is a mess. Recently, there were a series of power blackouts in Maharashtra and Rajasthan because of the shortage of coal. Everyone knows that coal is a fast depleting resource, and coal-based power plants are already stressed beyond capacity.

India’s power generation was short by 5.8% relative to the demand last year. The power system in India is divided into five regional grids, all of which are run by the Power Grid. There is tremendous pressure on the central government to ensure that all states get the amount of electricity they need to fulfill the demands of their people. But this is easier said than done.

India’s power infrastructure is still underdeveloped and the country has been unable to meet its large population’s energy needs to their satisfaction. Even today, 77 million households in India use kerosene for lighting. The problem is especially serious in rural areas where 44% of the homes still lack access to electricity.

The Indian government has undertaken a pledge to electrify all villages in the country and provide power to every home by the end of 2018. That is an ambitious target indeed. But the central government, state governments, and the municipalities realize that meeting the energy demands of such a vast nation is not possible with just conventional sources or non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and gas.

ANP Solar works closely with  Central government for all subsidy documents, application and gets you solar power system installation at your home. Our team is quick and efficient to work with you and government officials on subsidy scheme. ANP Solar has vast experience dealing with government officials and getting things done at right time so your solar subsidy is secured.There is an urgent need for India to develop sufficient capacity in renewable energy. So far India gets 67 percent of its energy needs from thermal sources such as coal and gas, 12 percent from renewable, 2 percent from nuclear power and 19 percent from hydropower. There is now a real need to develop capacity in solar power generation. This is something the government is well aware of.The government in India at every level, such as central, state and municipality, offers incentives to homeowners to install solar PV systems on their rooftops. Solar panels and inverters are heavily subsidized and participation of private players is encouraged.

Private companies such as ANP Solar, which installs home solar systems across Gujarat and India have benefited from the government’s commitment to the development of solar energy in India as a way to solve the electricity crisis in the country.

Whether the efforts were taken by the government bear fruit or not, only time will tell. But so far, steps have been taken in the right direction. India now has a solar power capacity of 12 GW, and this is expected to rise to 37 GW by 2020.

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